Streamlining your delivery of care

The imminent tipping point

Each day, your organization faces a demanding balancing act: deliver timely, quality care, and at the same time, meet numerous payer requirements for reimbursement. To keep up, workflows become complex, disparate technologies multiply, and administrative expenses mount.

With the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Appropriate Use Criteria Program, a rapidly approaching mandate for outpatient advanced imaging, you'll need to manage even more. And for many practices, this additional directive can be a tipping point, threatening their capacity to provide quality care efficiently.

Gain payment clarity at the point of care

AIM Inform, from AIM Specialty Health® (AIM), simplifies that balancing act.

Integrated into the EMR systems that your clinicians use every day, AIM Inform enables completion of health plan prior authorizations for outpatient advanced imaging and compliance with the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program from a single source. As a result, your patients receive quality care at the right time, and you achieve real-time payment clarity and clinical determination.

Why automate your prior authorization workflow with AIM Inform?

Because you get to focus on what really matters, like spending time with patients and providing high-quality care. See how it works below.

Agility to better manage the quality and cost of care

AIM Inform frees up time and resources so you can invest in what matters most—quality care for your patients.

  • Reallocate your administrative resources

    With real-time payment clarity and clinical determination, you can shift administrative resources to strategic priorities, like patient-centered care and clinician support.

  • Avoid the inefficiency of multiple technologies

    By relying on one source for prior authorization and the CMS program, you protect your budget from redundant expenses and your practice from administrative burden.

  • Accelerate clinicians' workflows

    EMR integration shortens the clinician workflow and moves it to the heart of the physician-patient relationship—the point of care.

Patients and clinicians benefit, too

Better experience for patients

  • Greater continuity of care
  • Increased certainty of insurance coverage
  • Assurance of quality care

Revitalizing experience for clinicians

  • Simple, quick technology adoption
  • Convenient, efficient workflow
  • Fewer health plan peer-to-peer consultations

Everything you need—at the point of care

AIM Inform empowers your clinicians to complete prior authorization and comply with the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program at the point of care without logging into multiple systems.

Prior authorization features

  • EMR-integrated AIM prior authorization program
  • Automated determination of commercial health plan eligibility
  • Clinician-friendly interface with enhanced clinical review automation and data prepopulation
  • Directory of local, in-network imaging facilities for easy service scheduling
  • Point-of-care access to AIM Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines and/or health plan medical policy

CMS program features

  • CMS-approved appropriate use criteria
  • CMS-qualified clinical decision support mechanism


AIM Inform unifies and simplifies the prior authorization and CMS program workflow, reducing the need for multiple administrative staff. With AIM Inform, the ordering physician can handle any clinical input while administrative staff will typically be needed only to input nonclinical details, such as selecting an imaging facility.

How it works

Why AIM?

As the clinical decision support partner of choice for today's providers, AIM helps improve the quality of care and reduce costs for today's most complex tests and treatments. Using our clinical leadership team and clinician-centric technology, we collaborate with providers across all 50 states to help them deliver appropriate, safe, and affordable care to 51 million patients.



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