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Why automate your prior authorization workflow with AIM Inform?

Watch our video to learn how AIM Inform helps providers focus on what really matters, like spending more time with patients and providing high-quality care, by automating your prior authorization workflow.

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Healthcare providers save time and costs with new integrated product from
AIM Specialty Health®

Chicago health system launches AIM Inform; EPIC integration goes live.

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CMS releases educational and operations testing period- claims processing requirements:
5 things providers need to know

Read our one page brief for five takeaways about the program including new details.

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Choosing the right qualified CDS mechanism for the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria program

Our starter guide outlines the types of mechanisms available and what capabilities your organization should look for.

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Launching the CMS AUC Program: why providers may need to start yesterday

In our latest InterVu Q&A, AIM leaders Kevin McDermott and Scott Cowsill discuss what providers need to know to be prepared for the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria program.

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CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program: the provider’s handbook

Learn all about the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program and how your organization can prepare.

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AIM Specialty Health® helps health care providers complete prior authorizations and meet new CMS medicare requirements

AIM Inform is a qualified clinical decision support mechanism for the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria Program.